Unidirectional Security Gateway DIN Rail

In the face of increased and complex cyberattacks, more and more industrial and critical infrastructure sites are turning to unidirectional gateway technology to prevent remote cyberattacks from entering their control systems. However, many physical environments require a smaller form factor than the rack-mounted Unidirectional Security Gateway.  To meet this need, we developed the compact Unidirectional Security Gateway DIN Rail.

The DIN Rail version of Waterfall’s market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway enables customers throughout all sectors to deploy unidirectional gateway technologies in any of their network locations that require a compact form factor. Without compromise, the Unidirectional Gateway DIN Rail maintains the highest level of cybersecurity available for protecting industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure facilities from remote online attacks.

The Waterfall DIN Rail offers the same high throughput, connectivity and functionality as our full-body, rack-mounted version. The availability of a smaller form factor enables electrical, oil and gas, manufacturing and other industries to easily deploy the gold standard of cyber protection for space-constrained sites. In addition, industrial enterprises connecting to cloud platforms or employing many small sites will benefit from using Waterfall’s Unidirectional CloudConnect® in this compact form factor. With no loss of performance or ease of use, industrial cybersecurity has never been so comfortable and secure.




The Waterfall DIN Rail is based on combined TX and RX Modules. The software runs from two computers, dedicated or shared, one on each side of the gateway. All of Waterfall’s multitude of software connectors, in addition to its advanced features and functionalities, are supported.

Highlighted features


  • Same ultimate level of cybersecurity as our market-leading Unidirectional Security Gateway

  • Compact, vertical DIN Rail mounted

  • Same throughput and software connectivity as the Unidirectional Security Gateway

  • Designed for specific environmental requirements (e.g. substations)

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