Telecom Security

Telecom operators control critical infrastructure, attacks on which can be devastating and far-reaching. Yet despite years of warnings, extensive research shows that every single 3G, 4G (LTE), and 5G network is exploitable and can fall victim to cyber attacks. Security flaws in the architecture of today's mobile networks threaten self-driving cars, smart cities, and ordinary mobile subscribers.  Many banks rely on SMS only as a two factor authentication mechanism. PTAD offer out-of-the-box detection of all types of attacks, whether targeted at subscribers or the core network, and ensures faster incident investigation and response.

PT Telecom Attack Discovery (TAD)

The number one cause of data loss in a SaaS deployment, such as Microsoft Office 365, is accidental data deletion. In fact, about 70 percent of all lost data is due to either accidental or malicious deletion of data by end-users. Other ways that data can be lost include misconfiguration, client sync issues, and most recently the widespread presence of malware and ransomware, which can render data unusable.

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