PT Application Firewall  (AF)

PT Application Firewall (PT AF) is a smart protection solution based on advanced technologies and ongoing global research. It provides proactive and continuous protection for your internet-accessible applications against both known and unknown attacks, including the OWASP Top 10, automated and client-side attacks, and zero-days.

Key features

Protection technologies and approaches

  • True machine learning against zero-days

PT AF's advanced machine learning techniques ensure it instantly and accurately detects both known and unknown attacks, including zero-days. Our WAF doesn't need to be taught about your app's normal operations because it can teach itself. This smart automation reduces the amount of human intervention required to keep your apps secure.

  • Smart correlation to accurately detect major threats

Sophisticated correlation mechanisms thoroughly analyze data such as application fingerprints, vulnerabilities, user tracking, etc., to identify attack chains and precisely detect major threats with the minimum of false alarms.

  • Unique P-Code technology for targeted real-time protection

PT AF's unique built-in source code analysis module (P-Code) detects vulnerabilities and creates instant "virtual patches." These block any attempts to exploit the specific flaws in your code until your development team has fixed them. PT AF can be also integrated with our application security testing (AST) tool PT Application Inspector to promote secure development processes.

  • Continuous automated user profiling against L7 DDoS and automated attacks

Thanks to continuous user behavior profiling, based on smart machine learning techniques, PT AF offers proactive protection against L7 DDoS and automated attacks (crawlers, spammers, attacker tools). Constantly learning from real data, the product creates a profile of normal user behavior and compares it to all other activities that may be different and thus dangerous. This means it not only detects but also predicts L7 DDoS and automated bot attacks, without impacting real users' and good bots' activities.

  • WAF.js module tackles client-side attacks

WAF.js is a JavaScript module for protection against client-side attacks (XSS, DOM XSS, DOM Clobbering, CSRF) that runs in the user's browser every time a protected page is opened. The module also protects against robot programs of varying degrees of complexity, even those that can execute JavaScript by emulating the browser. WAF.js also detects hacking tools that are launched by clients when accessing the protected application.

  • Extensive integration capabilities for multilayer protection

To proactively block suspicious user activities throughout the organization, PT AF can be integrated with other security systems such as Check Point and Arbor. Integrations with SIEM systems such as ArcSight, QRadar, Check Point SmartCenter, and our advanced solution PT SIEM, also enable protection of the entire perimeter while providing synchronized correlation of all security events (not only related to web apps) within a single interface.

  • Data masking for maximum confidentiality of end-user data

PT AF can identify and hide (mask) private data such as payment card numbers, passport information, etc., from third parties, including PT AF administrators—ensuring your end-users' data stays private.

Easy deployment and usability.

  • Simple interface and predefined security templates—for quick start

PT AF can be rapidly deployed in several modes (L2 Bridge, Transparent proxy, etc.). Set-up time is reduced thanks to standard configuration wizards, pre-defined security templates, automatic detection of protected apps, and other automated features available via the intuitive interface.

  • Automated, granular fine-tuning to configure product "on the fly"

PT AF presents a variety of options for fine-tuning your protection. Pre-defined security templates can be applied to any number of protected apps—or their individual parts—in just a few clicks. Administrators also enjoy highly flexible management of rules and actions without devoting significant time and effort to configuration tasks.

Business benefits

Real-time, expert protection

The PT Global Research Center monitors user input and threats worldwide in real time. Product updates are regularly and automatically released to protect our customers from the latest security challenges revealed by our deep analysis of this research data. Together with continuous upgrades to add new, more advanced technologies, this ensures PT AF provides proactive protection from emerging attacks before they strike.


Quick and easy start

Thanks to its high level of automation, PT AF can be deployed and configured within minutes, even by administrators without a deep technical background. This helps organisations to save their time and resources, no matter how many web apps they have and how complex the apps are.

Business continuity

Our unique P-Code technology helps to avoid any damaging interruptions to your app availability by offering instant, targeted protection against vulnerabilities that have not been fixed yet. If other minor defects are detected, PT AF can also help to keep the app running normally for end-users while defects are being fixed on the backend. This lets your business processes run smoothly and more efficiently.

Higher productivity

PT AF's automation dramatically simplifies every-day management of application security. It enhances productivity by highlighting the most urgent risks. This frees up security teams to concentrate on tackling these important issues, instead of the time-consuming routine administration tasks typically involved in maintaining traditional firewalls and IDS/IPS.


Available everywhere

PT AF can be deployed as a hardware appliance or virtual appliance, depending on your IT policy. It is fully cloud-ready (SaaS, VAS, MSS) and a great choice for secure application hosting. PT AF is also available in the public cloud (Microsoft Azure).

Simplified compliance

Using PT AF can help organisations to comply with PCI DSS and other international, national, and corporate standards.

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