Hosted Learning Management System (LMS)

Hosted LMS

CoreSec has launched a family of computer-based training products that utilize the latest learning techniques and address all levels of the organizational structure, with proven effectiveness.  Furthermore, we don’t just play a video to your team, we ensure the knowledge sticks by offering quizzes, and routine testing..

Secure and reliable hosting
All of our plans come with Virtual Slate, a custom framework built on top of Moodle, the world’s best Learning Management System. Some of the popular features of Virtual Slate include:

User friendly Dashboard that simplifies administration
Fully customisable branding (colours, images & logo)
Custom Dashboards (Learner, Supervisor, Admin, Super-Admin, or as required)
Multiple Course Layouts (Accordion, Tabs, Timeline, Grid etc.)
Team Management
Advanced Reporting and much more…

Learning Pathways

A learning pathway template defines a set of competencies which you can assign to a group of users.


Create uniquely branded PDF certificates and/or diplomas for students in a course.

Face-to-Face Training

Manage in-person training with multiple sessions, calendar reminders & attendance tracking.

Web Conferencing

Students can view & listen to presentations, ask questions & participate in group discussions.

Course prerequisites

Define a predefined path unlocking course/s based on the performance in previous course.

Team Management

Take control of your team and manage your learners through an single interface.

Email Notifications

Remind learners that training is outstanding & even escalate the notifications to management.

Bulk Actions Utility

Perform actions on multiple resources or activities, rather than repeating actions.


Badges are a great way of celebrating achievement, progress and awarding learners.

Advanced Enrolment

Automatically add users to a cohort based on predefined rules related to their profile.

Advanced Reporting

Get a complete picture of your learners with adjustable reports that outlines your learners performance.


Authenticate using various auth providers. Custom registration forms, fields and more.

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