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More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error.

More than 80% of all cyber-incidents are caused by human error.


Enterprises lose millions recovering from staff-related incidents – but traditional training programs usually fail to achieve the desired behavioural changes and motivation.

CoreSec has launched a family of computer-based training products that utilize the latest learning techniques and address all levels of the organizational structure, with proven effectiveness.  Furthermore, we don’t just play a video to your team, we ensure the knowledge sticks by offering quizzes, and routine testing..


E-learning is a quick, affordable and effective means of delivering training to multiple learners:


  1. Non-technical: uses a plain English approach

  2. Provides systematic, consistent and repeatable training across multiple learners

  3. No travelling or other course attendance costs, as learners study from the desktop and in their spare time

  4. Systematic tracking and assessment of learners’ progress and achievements

  5. Web-delivered, so that you have no additional technology or integration costs or challenges

  6. Can be deployed for existing employees and as part of an induction process for new hires.



Up to 90%

decrease in the number of incidents

Up to 95%

probability of participants applying skills learnt in their daily work

Target Audience

This course is aimed at all employees who are involved in processing information, using information technology in their daily job, or using the Internet as a means of conducting business. The course content is not technical and it is not meant for system administrators.


This course recognises that information security awareness starts at home, and aims to help employees understand the organisation’s information and compliance risks, reducing the organisation’s exposure to security failures. The course not only familiarises the learners with the basics of information security, including security threats via emails, the Internet and at the workplace, but also introduces them to your policies on incident reporting and responses.



Around 5 minutes per topic. CyberSec Awareness Modules (Essentials, and Plus are both just under one hour).


At the end of each module, there’s a variety of multi-choice, true or false, or click and drag questions.  This ensures staff or contractors do listen to the courseware.

Retake and Email Reporting

The staff are able to retake the course if they had not passed the first time as many times as needed (configurable).  Both management and staff are reminded via email about non-complete courses


issued to all staff who pass the test

  •  Australian made Courseware (ISM, NDB, IS18, PCI-DSS)

  • Optionally Take Advantage of many other Australian regulatory courses

  • Highly engaging and interactive training content

  • Customization for your particular systems

  • Role Based Topic Assignment

  • Learning Management System (LMS) hosted

  • LMS Optionally White-labeled as your own

  • Monitor your staff’s progress though dashboard

  • Seamless integration into existing LMS platforms

  • SCORM and AICC compliant for easy LMS integration

  • Certificate Issued to all staff who pass the test

  • Opportunity to retake the test until the pass mark is achieved

  • Management are alerted with intuitive reporting 

More features

Customisation Options

Standard customization options we provide with every license include:

  • Availability to adjust content to match unique cultural or technical specifics;

  • Implementation of your branding

  • Reference and electronic acceptance of your internal policies, and procedures

  • Role Based Material Assignment

  • Organization-specific incident reporting policies and instructions

  • An introduction video and message from your management team

  • Real world examples, relevant to your unique environment

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